Dragon Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary in Denver, CO

Dragon Celebrates 25 Year Anniversary in Denver, CO!

Last night Dragon Alliance celebrated their 25th anniversary at Punchbowl Social in Downtown Denver, coinciding with the SIA/OR trade show that has brought most of the snow industry into town.With a limited edition free goggles for the first 100 attendees, along with an open bar and plenty of food, it was definitely not a party to miss. The house was packed, the bowling ally was slick, and Spencer Schubert came back from Japan to celebrate with everyone.

Spencer Schubert might not breathe fire, but in this photo he is definitely holding all the gold. p: Yosh

Contrary to prior belief, prehistoric dragons did not snowboard, but that doesn’t mean Dragons involvement in action sports hasn’t still been colossal. Supporting Jamie Lynn since day one, as well as a stacked team of riders including Bryan Iguchi, Blake Paul, Danny Davis, Leanne Pelosi, Forest Bailey, Mark Wilson, Gigi Ruf,Tommy Gesme and young guns Brock Crouch and Julia Marino, Dragon is just getting started. Thanks for having us out last night, and huge thanks to Punchbowl for the free drinks! Check out a few photos above and hit up @dragonalliance on Instagram to wish them a happy 25th!

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