Election 2018: Denver County Ballots In The Mail

DENVER, CO – Start checking your mailbox for your Nov. 6 ballot. The City and County of Denver announced that it had dropped 90 pallets of addressed ballots at the U.S. Post Office Monday.

The City and County of Denver currently has 474,537 registered voters. As of Oct. 15, of registered active voters, 190,613 are registered as Democrats, while 146,373 are registered as unaffiliated. The number of registered Republicans is 52,090.

How will unaffiliated voters vote? The ballot is secret, but in the June 26 primary election, 21,641 unaffiliated voters chose Democrat ballots, while 4,904 picked GOP ballots. It was the first time unaffiliated voters could participate in a primary election, and those registered as unaffiliated were mailed both a Democrat and Republican ballot. Voters could only return a single ballot.

Voter participation in the Denver primary was 47.98 percent for registered Democrats and 34.63 percent of Republicans who returned their ballots. Of unaffiliated ballots, 25.44 percent of voters returned their ballots.

Can I still register?

The state of Colorado permits same-day registration up to voting day on Nov. 6.

In Denver, if you have a Colorado State driver’s license or ID card issued by the Department of Revenue you may register to vote, change your address, or check the status of a current registration online by clicking the link below

2. Or Register to Vote by submitting a paper Voter Registration Form to the Denver Elections Division:

Fill out a Voter Registration Form (PDF) sign the form, then submit the form to the Denver Elections Division by:

Fax to 720-913-8600; or By mail or in person to: 200 W 14th Ave., Ste. 100 Denver, CO 80204

Current registered voters in the City and County of Denver.

For more information, see the City and County of Denver Elections Divisions webpage.

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