Nationally-recognized Colorado attorney William Bronchick shares exclusive video on buying real-estate tax-free in IRA

Leading real estate attorney William Bronchick is helping IRA account holders to buy real-estate tax-free in IRA in a legit way and also avoid pricey fees of IRA custodians through his innovative Checkbook IRA consultancy.

The video has been featured on the official website of leading Colorado-based law firm, Bronchick & Associates, co-founded by Mr. William Bronchick. It guides IRA account holders on how to avoid hefty IRA custodian fees associated with regular self-directed IRA accounts through a new process called “Checkbook IRA”.

“With regular self-directed IRA accounts for real estate investments, you have to pay hefty fees to your IRA custodian for every single transaction he carries on your behalf. Moreover, the process is cumbersome and lengthy as well. But, not any more. We have come up with a solution that will enable you to take control of your IRA and invest in real estate without breaking any rules – and also without burdening yourself with the usual hassles mentioned above. It’s called ‘Checkbook IRA’ where you will have complete control on the checkbook for your IRA funds and no longer would you need to direct the custodian on what to do with your funds in and out of your IRA account. This way, you, the IRA account holder, won’t need to shell out money for IRA custodian fees every now & then”, stated Mr. William Bronchick.

With Checkbook IRA, the account holder can direct the custodian to invest his IRA account into an LLC so that it becomes the “Member” of a newly-formed LLC. Then, the money from the IRA account holder’s account will go to a checking account for the LLC. The LLC will appoint the account holder as the “Manager” of the member. As the “manager”, he will have the checkbook to do investments in and out of your IRA account. The LLC will have the capacity to buy or sell or rent real estate and pay the bills out of its checking account. And then, when the account holder is ready to take the distributions of his IRA, he can distribute the money back from checking account straight to his IRA account.

“But then, a layman IRA account holder does not hold the expertise of an IRA custodian and naturally he won’t be aware of the legal regulations associated here. And this is where you will need a qualified counsel like us who will make sure your every action regarding your self-directed IRA and real-estate investment is legitimate and valid. We bring to you extensive experience in handling checkbook IRA accounts successfully and we promise the same premium experience for you.”

About William Bronchick

One of the most renowned names in the Colorado legal sector, Mr. William Bronchick is a nationally-recognized attorney, speaker and author. He has been actively involved in more than 3,000 real estate transactions and has penned several bestselling books on business and real estate. Mr. Bronchick’s articles and columns are featured is esteemed media outlets like and he has been invited as guest speaker for various popular radio & television talk shows hosted by elite channels like CNBC, Fox31 News Denver etc.

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